Wednesday, June 12, 2019


Since 1999, Rhizome has developed software in-house to support its artistic program. Today, we build free, open-source, and broadly applicable software for born-digital art and culture, with a digital preservation focus.

Our premier open-source platform and hosted service ( to revolutionize web archiving; easily create and share high-fidelity, fully interactive copies of almost any website.

Webrecorder Player
A user-friendly desktop app to browse any web archive (created by Webrecorder or any other tools) on a Windows, OSX or Linux machine, without need for an internet connection.
Surf the web the old-fashioned way with this tool to explore web archives through emulated legacy browsers.

A full-featured free and open-source, high-fidelity web archive replay and recording system (a more advanced version of the Wayback Machine) that serves as the core of Rhizome’s web archiving toolset.