Sunday, April 7, 2013

Trace Reddell - sound and imagination

Trace Reddell is a writer, artist and theorist exploring the interactions of sound and the cosmological imagination. Trace's live cinema performances and video works have screened at over thirty international venues including galleries and new media festivals

DIGITAL SOUND CULTURES explores some of the cultures of artists, producers, distributers, and listeners that have formed around digital audio technologies and their most important analog ancestors. The class combines reading of critical texts with the study of several audio genres, including post-WWII electronic music, science fiction film scores, space age lounge and exotica, cosmic music, Krautrock, psychedelia, heavy metal, punk, post-punk, afrofuturism, dub, hip-hop, free jazz, improvisation and jam, new age, ambient, techno, trance, drum’n’bass, and microsound. This class encourages us to listen to these sonic forms as intersections of technological, ideological, and imaginative forces.